Critical Asset Surveillance Application Nigeria


As a nation develops the need to keep an eagle eye on vital assets such as powerlines, pipelines and other critical assets. Surveillance is very important in other to sustain the existence of such infrastructure of the country. This is the reason why the federal ministry of power has created a niche to protect some of its critical power infrastructure by installing surveillance system at some transmission lines and substations across the country. Until now, the inspection of power lines has not evolved along with the high-tech era. Utilities traditionally send their crew out either on foot to walk the lines or in vehicles to drive along the lines, with frequent stops to send linemen up towers for closer inspection. An alternative detailed inspection approach uses trained inspectors who fly aboard helicopters to inspect the lines with binoculars and cameras to detect damages and intrusions, while recording the data in a log book. The procedure is performed while the helicopter hovers around power lines and structures, exposing the pilot and inspector to danger.



In order to meet the demands of Nigeria citizenry by providing sufficient electrical power reliably, it requires constant and effective monitoring of transmission network and temperature within overhead transmission lines. The SURVEILLANCE APPLICATION (SA)) is an inexpensive and highly reliable method that enables real-time monitoring of an entire network or selected critical span.

TSSA Features


  • Visual information of the equipment (insulator
  • status, corrosion, tower and pole conditions)
  • Thermal profiles of broken insulator unit conductors and splices,
  • Vegetation and other potential right-of-way incursions,
  • Concrete degradation soil erosion in footings, and other abnormal conditions

Fashola supervising Road Construction Projects:

Pet Photographers

It would be a wise decision if the application of CCTV is applied to our road network in order for us to start creating an awareness to speed detection on reckless driving and also disaster and safety along our highway. This is what this platform is capable of achieving, which the minister is in line with when he visited the viewing centre in MEMMCOL .


World’s Most Dangerous Job? Power Line Tree Trimming Helicopter Pilot.